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in Silicon Valley, there is a large Chinese supermarket. This is a chain of Chinese supermarkets, supermarkets are usually surrounded by a circle of Chinese restaurants. To see the red Ranch 99 mark, it means that the Chinese have come to the main gathering place. Into the Silicon Valley Dahua supermarket and restaurants around, if you see the T-shirt, young man wearing glasses China, that is nine out of ten major technology companies programmers and engineers. They also represent the global innovation of the Silicon Valley of china. (there are differences, programmers and engineers work in this paper refers to the Silicon Valley technology elite Chinese.


Silicon Valley specific number of Chinese farmers, who can not tell. But in the major technology companies, Chinese programmers have become a force can not be ignored. Whether it is Google, apple, CISCO, such as the old giant, or Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest such a new force, the presence of Chinese employees are everywhere. They are also one of the most important foreign employees of major technology companies, some companies have more than 10%.

although the number continues to grow, China’s code of life is not large farmers. If you are in Silicon Valley to participate in the gathering of Chinese farmers, even the first meeting of friends, chat with each other, will find that the two sides may be as early as Facebook and Linkedin mutual concern, or at least a few common friends. Talk again, perhaps they will find each other or alumni, have roughly the same life experience.

California Bay area has always been the main gathering of Chinese language, but the old immigrants are cantonese. The Chinese code of agriculture as the representative of the new immigrants, more from other parts of the mainland. Can come to the Silicon Valley of China Code farmers, almost all of the most elite computer talents. Their experience is the same: after China class graduated from University, came to the United States the famous school master or doctorate graduate came to Silicon Valley technology company, then stay here.

said the domestic university, they may come from Qinghua University and Beijing University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Beijing University of Posts and other well-known institutions; about American universities, who graduated from Standford, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, · top universities such as University of Southern California. These graduates from China’s top universities, the computer elite, and the world’s scientific and technological elite, like the Silicon Valley technology companies gathered to contribute to technological innovation.

after years of living in the US, China code farmers get a green card, and then stayed up until the year of naturalization. But no matter what nationality, they represent the Silicon Valley of Chinese science and technology talents. Many successful Chinese science and technology elite, but also through a variety of ways to help the next generation of Silicon Valley Chinese science and technology.

code farmers in the elite predecessors: Robin Li and other


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