Taobao passenger (a) railway station still earning thousands of commission

welcome our blog, some Taobao customers do stand experience and methods introduced today! Today is Taobao passenger station can also be earning thousands of commissions, or through the SEO way to achieve the optimization method, with the keyword "integrating" website (this keyword competition is not very intense, it is worth novice to rob) as an example! Baidu search keywords "grass collection", there is no Baidu promotion link, website weight in front of the row is a general query, integrating Baidu index close to 1000 index, ranked first in the day can bring about 100-200IP.

in the optimization of "integrating" at the same time, we can also put the long tail keywords grass collection "how" integrating website optimization up, there are more than and 200 IP that day, however, so IP is basically set interested in grass, the vast majority are valuable IP, this kind of consumption possibility that brings us to the high commission, in accordance with the "grass collection" Taobao guest link 10%-20% commission to count to more than and 200 people every day as long as you buy 2, daily income of 40-50 yuan, there are more than 1000 yuan a month. (this is just a conservative calculation)

how to do Baidu keyword grass collection "ranked first? This is all hard, take the following steps to do.

a, the site title must highlight key words, I want to stand friends know, generally one to three key words best.

two, the principle of designing description tags is generally not more than 250 characters, including spaces. To describe the content of the web page, let the spider know what you want to show. Key words reasonable use, appear 1-3 times can, don’t appear too high frequency. Describe the content should not be too long, clear on the OK.

three, H1 H2 H3, such as the use of tags, pictures alt attribute requirements, pay attention to a web page should not have a repeat of the ALT description.

three, the beginning of the article, the tail highlighted keywords, the text contains the connection, which is called the chain, the chain of strong web site ranking must be good.


four, content, with bold, bold is not too much, one to two.

five, doing links and others, to improve a keyword ranking, such as: "I want to improve the keywords grass collection", and others in doing links when they don’t write the name, and should write grass collection, (which I think is very important).

six, I put the general control of the keyword density between three percent to eight percent, personally think that a lot of different views, depending on the specific circumstances.

seven, links notes:

1 when links contain keywords, links are very valuable, and it will provide valuable information to the search engine

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