More than two months to do a monthly advertising experience

      because I just started advertising, I said the exact or the beginning of advertising.

      because it is just to do, so I do not know how the general monthly advertising prices, more do not know himself what aspects of advertising is good, even at the beginning I even don’t know what ads don’t answer.

      so just started to take the two passion nature of the station, certainly not porn station, then did not want to refuse to pick up. Later, I thought to refuse, but before the answer is no way, only to do so.

      by that time, I was just learning to refuse some ads. This is just to remind foreign owners do monthly, some things should be rejected.

      and then, some of the benefits of the poor do not, and some feel can also continue to do. This is normal, I believe that people should have met. However, it should be summed up what is more suitable for their own advertising station, so that the advertising is only a long time, I did not pay attention, and now began to study this, a bit late.

      finally, it’s a question that’s bothering me.

      some image position, the other side is the need to hang the code, because some people are taking the code to hang the other people on the station, which is normal, I believe that some people have encountered it? Card, if not, that means I see too little.

      the problem appears on this, some people will put some of the traffic code hidden inside. There are a few relatively simple, their point of view on the basis of the code also see out. Some really cattle, anti-virus is not reported, the code can not see any problems. I have not found, just not a friend told me, I may not have until the end of the code that is not a problem.

      therefore, we take this kind of advertising, we should pay great attention to!!

      record their own experience, it seems that also can not tell anyone, ha ha.

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