An analysis of the objective conditions of the local site Entrepreneurship Series

Hello everyone, I am grassroots brother, cool grassroots will bring you a local site entrepreneurial series analysis. Speaking of the local site, the premise is more and more crowded in the Internet industry, coupled with the giants to suppress local websites into grassroots entrepreneurs ideal entrepreneurial direction, let us first according to the objective conditions of local sites in the entrepreneurial process analysis.

about user


is a local station, so we target is the local residents, nonsense. How to make local users understand and accept our website is obviously a very important topic. The common place common promotion means: the aspects of local television, newspapers and other media advertising, in the crowded place advertisements, Internet cafes and other cooperation, these are more conventional means of promotion, but in this age of rampant advertising, these conventional means of promotion can bring effect is not too good and users have become immune to advertising. Obviously, you want to get a better effect, take some fresh or non mainstream promotion will make you more effective, grassroots brother advice is wearing a pair of underwear, a bed quilt. Write to the streets, or are looking for a few good gay friend, body tattoo site and half naked, deep in the street so that hold together to form a clique, can bring good promotion effect for us.

attracted to the user, we should think about the problem is how to retain users. And how do we really enter the user’s heart? In fact, this also involves a sense of belonging to the user, the content of the local site operations, cool grassroots will be in the next article for specific analysis.

about earnings

from the current situation, the main way to make the local station or let local businesses pay, and how to make local businesses to pay for it? In fact, this is a mutually beneficial process. For traditional businesses, they are more willing to see something to see, such as our influence, as well as the appeal of local users. Therefore, we need to do is to enhance our influence, enhance the influence of common way is called the user held a variety of activities, such as K song contest, camping and so on. In the early stage of the operation of the site, we may encounter the cold, no one buy etc., but just keep doing it, and are willing to participate in our activities will be more and more users, between the user and the user’s contact will be strengthened, and our website will also be accepted by more and more people, therefore, our influence is also will increase.


we can enhance the influence to the businessman sponsorship, as long as our influence has been noticed by some bad money business, so these businesses are very willing to throw money to us, our profit will be


about webmaster

compared to other types of sites, local stations more localized, but it also means that we will be more focused on the online, such as advertising, planning live >

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