As a new era we should how to deal with the guest

recently both in reality or in the network of Taobao guest discussion is growing. So I was in the spare time to understand the Taobao customer information. Whether it is true or not, it is still a little help. As far as I know there are two forms of Taobao customers:

first, do not need to rely on the site by hand. The execution of its operation process is no less than the general site hair chain. The effect is not obvious depends on their execution. Apply for 50 with the application of the 100 URL Taobao link effect is not the same. The main methods are as follows:

1, you can be happy in the network, Facebook, Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, and so on some social networking platform links.

2, you can also own a lot of links in the QQ space, the campus network, the student network, the 51 space, Sina blog, NetEase blog and other blog platform to publish a large number of links through friends to get promotion.

3, you can also answer questions in various types of questions related to the platform to get links. In all kinds of high popularity of the forum post bar posted inside the soft Wen to get links. Its way to send the general web site similar to the chain. But the execution of the request is very high.

second is to build your own website on Taobao Amoy high quality products in the shop or above. The website system used by most Amoy management system. At present, there are two main forms of guest website is a form of API. This kind of website with (gift soso) this website structure. Due to the surge in recent years the number of such sites, most sites are filled by collecting web content, store content Taobao is limited by many web content is collected from the same store or product, it caused a large number of similar web page. Spider is very disgusted with this. The result is a lot of API class guest website was K. And this site is also more complex optimization efforts. There is also a form of the single page website amoy. This website is single-minded guest website. The promotion of products are a class of products such as herbal medicine should be good eye cream website: Such a single page site optimization is more convenient. And the product is more specific in Baidu ranking is relatively easy to go up. In fact, many of the words are through their own research and understanding of the site. To study a website is more than a hundred times more than a few articles. I personally feel that the current or a single page guest website, then do station group, this effect will be better.

whether there is a site or no site selection of products or shops is the most important point. Personal summary of the choice of products or stores need to pay attention to the following points:

1, can not choose too hot products. For example, slimming beauty class, these products are too strong competition

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