One night stand and multi angle AD experience

for advertising when the "more" and "one" is a problem that has been bothering me.

then gradually have some deep understanding, I started to apply for an ad, put it up, look at the two days of no effect, the withdrawal of the. Apply for a union put up, and see a few days no effect and withdrawal. To do so, almost applied for 10 kinds of advertising alliance, but there is no effective, alas, I wasted a lot of time, a lot of money is also a lot of slip away. Alas, regret it!

believes that now there are many people like this, it is like a one night stand, only love you one night, breaking up at dawn. In fact, really rely on advertising to make money is a protracted war, will not have any benefits in a short time. Unless your site itself is big enough. Step by step, step by step.

then, I began to learn and imitate others for advertising, in fact, Chengdu is the eight station make advertisement to cheat, they know they are advertising, who do you think will go to? Unless is indeed there is a demand. But on the Internet there is really little need, of course, except sex. But can we do porn? No! We’re gonna cheat.

if you look at some of the small flow, but make more money on the site’s ad placement model, you will find that the Internet is the world’s most intelligent people. Now download something online or copy something, have to be especially careful, the cold will pop up some windows. Ha ha, but as long as the virus is not something good.

gossip Hugh fan, continue to say I AD bad experience, then well, for GG after the discovery, put up, originally in order to cooperate with the appearance of the site, I specially according to the website color beautify the GoogleAD, my income is only 0.* knife. After a few days of analysis, I found that I was really SB, SB can see that it is advertising, no point. So, I went to admin5. and read some technical articles. In accordance with its method of improvement, and indeed there is a lot of revenue, and GoogleAD channels I will use, (Bie Xiao), I really do not know how to use. Then click on the low rate of Ali’s mother into advertising.

then made the first video ad. Well, this thing ah, really come from their own website to have less, but to the lower the percentage of the Commission, I did not die. Nearly 60% of the advertising revenue.

then, because the station to download things more and more people, then apply for the thunder alliance. Although this price is low, but the flow is very good, so it indirectly increased the income of other advertising.

that’s why I changed from a one night stand to a love affair. In this, it is recommended that you arrange the placement of ads, as far as possible to put several kinds, generally 2 to 5 is the best. In this way, you are not good, there are several other well, multiple insurance!

so now I site’s revenue than before but there is a world of difference, although only made me hungry, but gave me enough confidence to continue.

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