Grassroots entrepreneurship contrast about the webmaster and mobile application developers

China grassroots entrepreneurs in the Internet to form a beyond count, grassroots entrepreneurial culture. Some grassroots entrepreneurs through the efforts, has some grassroots entrepreneurs achieve success and win recognition, are still struggling on the edge of survival, and the Internet grassroots entrepreneurs generally can be divided into two categories, one is known as the webmaster, second mobile application developers is emerging with the concept of hot mobile Internet, the two for entrepreneurs have different positioning and work here, we to talk about these two kinds of entrepreneurs of those things.

are you a webmaster or a mobile application developer?

in the Internet industry, the webmaster is a very old and classic career. The rise of the Internet in the early China, the first in the website operation webmaster most have many webmaster have achieve success and win recognition, have their own Internet Co, and today, many areas on the Internet have been occupied, the industry has become increasingly saturated, the later is more and more difficult in this area based on the webmaster. Faced with such difficulties, a lot of new owners need to find a better way for themselves.

in 2010, the concept of mobile Internet Tencent and Baidu and other Internet giants attention, plus Android system and hot screen and intelligent mobile phone configuration is more and more high, so around Android and apple IOS mobile Internet concept began to hot up, some mobile application developers to seize this opportunity and rapid fishing a pen, but according to the current situation, the mobile application developers more is still hovering on the edge of survival, and the rise of the concept of the mobile Internet industry after all, only less than 3 years, is not very mature.

different roles, different jobs and risks

obviously AdSense and mobile application developers are two different roles, the skills required are not the same, it depends on what you are good at doing. In contrast, head of the lower barriers to entry, today the market has seen a lot of mature site program, need only simple modifications can be built in a seemingly powerful website, so the webmaster more work or promotion and operation. To be engaged in the development of mobile applications, then we need to have a solid programming and development skills, and patience to endure the long development cycle. What’s more important is whether the mobile apps we developed can be welcomed by the market.

do not know whether to appear like the construction site of the station program in future markets as the rapid development of our mobile application program, if such a program, then at least to reduce the mobile application development and operation of the entry. Many to be engaged in the operation of mobile Internet entrepreneurs, itself is not good development ability, so it needs the application team to develop their own, this requires a lot of investment costs, compared to the owners, owners only need monthly spending only pay server costs, so in terms of investment in Mobile Application >

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