Stage Google AdSense advertising settings to help improve the click through rate

some people say that efforts must have results. This is not false, but the effort is not the right direction, or not enough effort, but not necessarily good results. That’s what it’s like to be an alliance. Wrong choice, equal to the wrong direction, you do not work hard. I had a domestic Union, is a game advertisement, I was asked to put in, and vigorously promote the month prior to the settlement calculation of the Commission, there will be more than 9000 yuan (do publicity, I spent more than 3000 yuan), but at the time of payment, TNN my K. I asked the girl to overcome, but also good, tell me the truth, I said too hard, my achievement let them be struck dumb, so they can’t believe, according to the company’s practice, I was convicted of "unwarranted" crime, that I may cheat, so K!!! I Speechless, just as Mr. Lu Xun said, "I am outraged!"

later made several domestic league, there is also good, but also earn some money (weeks pay, fast track, I love, K also lost much!). But still more optimistic about the Google Adsense, because although there are a variety of constraints and inequality, but much better reputation. Just began to explore more things, ah, even if the intelligence gymnastics, ha ha.

well. Talk about my experience in optimizing Google Adsense advertising. Other do not say, I choose a flash station advertising I, that is Adsense. Ad 336*280, because most of this type of advertising is flash images or GIF images, it is very close to my flash film. Therefore, the user clicks, or the probability of false clicks is very high, when doing crazy about 50 thousand of the PV, the day’s gains can be up to more than and 20 knives. Once this feat himself pleased with oneself. But recently I click through good times don’t last long, rate of decline, as if they suddenly become smart, greatly recognition ability grow on advertising! PV or so much, but hits straight down. I quickly do the investigation to find the reason, after analyzing the data and communicate with members, found the problem:

1, I stand back a lot, and growing, and old customers to advertising judge with the experience, naturally rises, causes a click drop.

2, the use of more and more pictures of other websites, we are not new to the picture ads, no interest.

3, the lack of advertising content, then a few ads, a long time, it is customary to lose the click of the impulse.

problem found. But how to deal with it. I found another one of my stations recently hit the rise. It was put in the text ads, text. So I put the station’s ads are replaced by a large rectangular text ads, ha ha. Problem solving.

seems to rely on wisdom and hard work to earn money. This is my point of view, veteran don’t laugh at me.

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