Make money out of the vicious circle (on)

why some people work hard, pay a lot of time but always can not make money, because the method is not right, efforts in vain. So, look at the rich man’s mind!

1 What do rich people know about


for rich people, there is often a misunderstanding, many people agree that the rich are rich people. Whether or not this is the case, I will spend a lot of time to introduce the difference between the rich and the rich. Must be able to help you distinguish the difference between these two types of people. What is a rich man, a rich man, who does not need to do any work, but he has a career in making money?. They can get money without working. The money is enough for their daily lives, and even they are going to use it to contribute to charity and give back to society. Why can’t we do it, because we don’t know how to be rich?. Only when we know how they think and look at problems can we become rich. Before that, you have to learn to be a rich man. First, let’s look at what most people do in their lives.

2 what are most people like now

today’s society, by a variety of enterprises, companies, catering, entertainment, business establishments, and so on for the time being we call it a public institution. The activities of the production, receiving, packaging, transportation, sales, administrative, financial, and managerial personnel in the institution. As occupation. Jobs can ensure that they have the money to survive, including some basic needs such as clothing, food, shelter, travel, etc.. You can also buy some of the luxuries. Luxury goods are: high quality clothes, cell phones, computers, cars, houses and so on all the things you can see in your life, and can meet people’s desires. The price of luxury goods is decided by the income of the professional population, that is to say, in addition to the survival guarantee, you have to use the rest of the money to buy the corresponding price. A person with a high salary, the price of luxury goods is much higher than those who have low salaries. It is not difficult to understand, such as your monthly income of 3000 yuan, your clothes, belongings and daily consumption than the monthly income of 500 yuan were much higher. Because some things, even if they do not want to buy can not afford to buy, so they are more eager to get money than you, in their eyes, you are also a rich man, living a rich life. However, some people still complain, complain about the low salary, complain about the unfairness of the boss, and complain that the society is too dark. So, we are not to meet it? No! In your monthly income of less than 100 thousand of the time, if you meet, it is too early. If you have the idea, so that you are yielding life, or is still not able to accept their responsibilities, including your responsibility to their parents and their children now or in the future and their lifelong partner. New to tell you that you have the ability to make.

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