Search engine click fraud blunt PPC

United States market consulting firm Click Forensics in the latest release of click fraud index "(Click Fraud Index) survey revealed that in the second quarter of 2006, the general search engine advertising click fraud rate is 14.1%, up from 13.7% in the first quarter, and each click on the CPC price of $2 or more in the popular keywords, click the fraud rate reached 20.2%. It seems that the higher the price per click search engine advertising click fraud rate is higher, showing the search engine keyword advertising click fraud obvious benefit drive.

reporter: Zhang Yijun

search marketing as small and medium-sized enterprise marketing tool appears to be losing sharp. Obviously, the original low threshold has been raised. But SMEs seem powerless.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises make

in depth Management Manager Wu Xiangjie network marketing management mechanism of PPC customers, by the good management of customers also need a month for PPC pay 4000 ~ 5000 yuan, far higher than the previous forecast of 1000 yuan enterprises.


click! All click!


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