Teach you how to create a single page station three step song

since I wrote "single page webmaster" did you pay attention to these details, many of the new Taobao – exchange with the author how to build a own Taobao guest single page station, they are on the single page station are interested in. After all, this station is easy to manage, dedicated and large amount of suction gold (especially profiteering products), a lot of people want to do Taobao customers favor. In fact, I did a single half a year stand and lose is a deep experience, remember, where to fall, where to climb up." There are also summed up this station is nothing more than three steps, as long as according to the following method, will take a lot less detours, quickly make a pot of gold of life.

crap, take you into the following topic – how to create their own Taobao guest single page station


, a choice of products and improve the conversion rate: first, a lot of friends are in trouble to do what the product actually mining products is not difficult, as long as the master of such "women, men and children to the beauty of haose smart, elderly health" products in practice on the line, such as: always pay attention to TV often do advertising, products, to look at the major portals, websites are linked to a kind of product and so on. The screening of products: first, in the Taobao Alliance on how to find can be extended to maximize the profit of products: which you should follow the "evaluation and sales of the product, you can also imagine if he is the consumer what we do, so the main consumers decide whether to buy, mainly depends on the product evaluation. Second, I was in 30 days before the general expenditure Commission screened several products can be, of course, according to the 30 day sales volume is selected, only through their own continuous optimization configuration to choose their maximum turnover rate of products. Improve the conversion secret: add keyword search box, especially Taobao mall subsidies is to maximize profits, the author will have experience, because after the addition of the turnover rate is much better than before.


two, keyword selection and analysis of keyword selection: first, competition small, large flow, low percentage ": many webmaster friends think low commissions will not do, this view is wrong, if the product key words flow, the Commission is the product profits and profits be roughly the same, so this keyword is worth us to dig. Second, competition, low flow, high commission ": for the high percentage of products of a lot of people lose weight, breast whitening, squeeze like a swarm of bees like keyword results for head broken and bleeding market is still very large, actually we just can not find. First of all, we want to determine the main keywords, and then go further to the long tail keywords mining to intercept the most accurate flow, improve the conversion rate of the product. Keyword heat analysis: in fact, the heat of the keyword analysis is very important, not good enough to make our confidence hit, it is difficult to do rankings to give up. Well, I

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