How to improve the application of K website

1) read the terms carefully, although it may still be K

2) is the K website to ensure there is no problem on the content of the words, the best revision: layout, style, theme change…

3) to apply for a new domain name, the old domain name turned over

4) change the name of the applicant, such as: GF, BF, parents…

5) to change the address, such as: unit, school, grandmother, father of big family……

6) in all the scripts (PHP), add the following code, and then put the ad code


$currentdomain=$_SERVER" SERVER_NAME";

$urlquery=$_SERVER" QUERY_STRING";

$urlscriptname=$_SERVER" SCRIPT_NAME";

if ($currentdomain==""" $currentdomain==" ||; {)

header; location:".$urlscriptname." " ".$urlquery);



is obviously slightly, ha ha…

7) must be added to the advertising code channel, so easy on / off advertising broadcast

8) revenue close to 200 knives, closing channels

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