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over the past 20 years with the rapid growth of the national economy, retail enterprises especially the supermarket retail and professional electrical formats in won the savage growth, many enterprises have become a "commercial warlords", have listed cash, no two of glory, but in recent years, the performance is can be regarded as worse. In fact, the decline from 2011 has been shown, but it was not so obvious, but in recent years, with acceleration of the 2015 decline, some small retail enterprises have come to the end point. This is not alarmist, the data of listed retail companies are open to the public, do not believe their own collection and analysis.


The status of

retail industry like some men encounter midlife crisis: when young had agitated for flying, over forty years after fully satisfied or contented; suddenly found there has been a red light, the play does not turn, as if there is a fire in front of the ridge…… Watch a lot of companies are trying to increase the online part, what site, APP, the public number, micro mall have a first set, the results of operations do not go on. The kid has been removed from the retail enterprises and commercial enterprises more than a decade, on innovation and team building from the way to talk about some experiences of their own, hoping to give some inspiration to the retail industry colleagues, don’t do blind investment in addition.

methodology: a collective disregard for the user in the retail industry

after years of accumulation, retail enterprises have relatively large body mass, can be regarded as money, some people have food, but why the impact of the electricity supplier steadily losing?. I would like to use two formulas to compare the difference:

entity retail business logic is: Profit = sales revenue * gross margin + charge – operating costs

electricity supplier business logic for the enterprise: Profit = user gold * user scale * user activity


is in the sale of goods, but it is completely different from the two business philosophy. One is from the financial point of view, the other is the user perspective. Because of the different ideas taken by the game is also very different, the retail business is so:


from here you can see that the strategy of all entities are based on financial indicators of retail design, retail enterprises that take the data speak, but often beautiful data cover too much, the extensive management has been difficult to cure the shortcomings, but also did not focus on the outbreak:

difficult to sustain the staking: now retail business almost stagnant. A few years ago, commercial projects are still relatively small, the level of rent shops is also very low, the shop can often be able to open a profit, and now find a suitable project is difficult. The next three to five years, many retail enterprises to face the problem of concentration of retail lease expires, it is estimated that a lot of retail enterprises to shut shop bleeding (Huarun in 2016 will close the 68 stores).


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