nternet providers over the fire, but still giant game

Internet business is not a new concept, in 2008 the establishment of the shop No. 1, by virtue of its unique mode of online supermarket once occupied a space for one person in the field of domestic electricity supplier, although in recent years because of vibration, such as poor performance management gradually far behind; 1999 established in E network, which was founded almost simultaneously with the 8848 e-commerce company started and ran to the concept of online supermarket, and even launched a "E in 1 hours of service, but subject to the logistics cost is too high and eventually flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. And this year with the Tmall supermarket, Jingdong in the FMCG force, Internet super fire again, but this is still a big game, shop No. 1 Born Under A Bad Sign can only sigh.

providers gradually become the electricity supplier second battlefield

on the traditional business tycoon, in 3C, clothing and other large areas of consumption in the case of weak growth, as far as possible to expand the new consumer scene become inevitable, this includes the traditional business tycoon on cross-border electricity supplier, O2O, Internet Chaodeng entry field. Talk about the cross-border electricity supplier, while giants this year to the United States, Europe, Australia Museum Museum tube built a lot, but cross-border electricity consumption category is more complementary to the traditional business, to meet the consumer "novelty" mentality, and subject to logistics, price and other factors, it is not formed stable the long-term consumer groups; talk O2O, Alibaba, Jingdong Jingdong launched reconstruction of reputation at home, this shows that the traditional electricity supplier giant attaches great importance to the field of O2O, but the U.S. group, 58 are born with marked O2O company has established a deep moat, Ali, the Jingdong in the field of O2O can occupy a space for one person, but like the traditional electricity providers like little may be near monopoly in the Internet; the super, before the market size and frequency of consumption is much higher than that of 3C, clothing consumption field and no special heavyweight game player, and Its high demand for logistics, capital and so on, so naturally became the giant’s new prey, called the electricity supplier second battlefield is not too.

Jingdong and Ali incoming

no accident, Jingdong and Ali this year have increased Internet super. At the end of July, Tmall announced the 1 billion supermarket subsidies in Beijing market, and to upgrade its network rookie logistics service, it is a promotion of largest since the 2012 Tmall supermarket channel was established; and soon the August 7th Jingdong announced a 4 billion 300 million stake Yonghui supermarket cooperation, and at the same time the Jingdong home also in earlier business layout super field. That is to say China two e-commerce giants have been in the field of super Internet began to force, with No. 1 shops and businesses left behind, the Internet super in this field will be Jingdong, Ali carved up, then two why at this time to force the field of super? What is the two the advantage and short in


Jingdong / Ali: different path selection

Ali launched in 2012 Tmall supermarket, Internet service providers to enter the field, but it was still a big platform as a part of the strategy to do a supplement to the commodity category, >

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