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[Reuters] billion state power with WeChat entrance, Jingdong quickly began to work their own third of an acre. In more than half of the time, the Jingdong WeChat shopping entrance has been doing the trial and error and frequent adjustment. The day before, the Jingdong of micro Xinshou Q division again announced several new Jingdong WeChat entrance, one is planning the introduction of WeChat’s circle of friends relationship chain, the construction of a Jingdong own shopping circle.

Vice president, general manager of Jingdong

group micro Xinshou Q business department Hou Yanping revealed to the Jingdong WeChat shopping entrance open circle of friends relationship chain will be WeChat shortly after, this means that the future WeChat shopping channel will have a more vertical, precise shopping circle, inside this circle, the user can see the evaluation of Jingdong WeChat products friends and share, at the same time point praise, comments or share again.

it is reported that, previously, Tencent’s stock App free stock has tried this feature. WeChat to open its circle of friends, the user can choose to share App users in the application of the stock circle to see the evaluation of WeChat’s friends on the stock.


optional stock App stock circle screenshot, users can see the comments of WeChat’s friends


comments on specific stock interface

, however, as to how the function of the implementation of the Jingdong, Hou Yanping said that it is not convenient to disclose more detailed planning and design.

In addition to

and WeChat try socializing, micro Xinshou Q division of the Jingdong also introduced the two important entrance will make the adjustment of Jingdong WeChat:

is a Jingdong entrance level, will be the new micro channel (specific on-line time is November 27th), with the original new starting, brand flash purchase, special spike level. Jingdong side said, the line of this function is mainly to "through the showcase entrance, to help businesses solve most concerned about traffic sources and the problem of attracting fans."


Hou Yanping said, an important difference and advantage of other micro shop applications and market Jingdong micro shop is its own WeChat traffic entrance, "micro shop on-line" channel, can solve the traffic to the center of the plight of "era of business.

it is understood that the current micro shop Jingdong merchants mainly from Jingdong POP platform. Jingdong side said, Jingdong in more than 50 thousand POP businesses, 3 million households opened the wireless shops, of which more than 7 thousand and 600 businesses opened a micro store Jingdong.

another adjustment is the original WeChat two entrance (ie, the purse under the Jingdong selected channel). It is understood that, after a period of time on the first line of the entrance of the Jingdong WeChat, the second entrance is maintained with the same level entrance content. In the near future, Jingdong two WeChat entrance to do a new positioning. < >

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