There are Taobao, after the micro shop, Jingdong how to play pat


I think Jingdong since listing, the most beautiful thing to do is to restart the pat Network, to complete the delivery of the Tencent "political task", but also enhance the good price, but also incidentally disgusting to Taobao, kill three birds.

, however, did not play in the play, the Jingdong indulge in WeChat open when the entrance of a Tencent today, quietly on the line of the WeChat store, the opening of this nonsense, let’s prepare the WeChat dataichangxi Jingdong, suddenly cold end.

and do not say, WeChat can be made of what the store, but the Tencent has been premeditated. WeChat third party service providers believe that Jingdong and public comment on this rough style entrance level and can not solve the Tencent’s mobile ambitions, but the ecological layout of WeChat shop can touch up like Tencent pain points. In other words, Jingdong and public comment may be part of this ecosystem.

Why did

call it "political mission"

After the listing of

, Jingdong is the first step in the strategic action, announced the establishment of a subsidiary pat Network, entered the field of C2C, on Taobao. In response, Tencent is also officially added to the new version of WeChat (shopping) (Jingdong) as an entry-level.

the two sides double reed sing very well, the Jingdong’s share price soared 14%. And an investment bank believes that the original Wall Street analysts predict Jingdong this week is bound to break. So, the Jingdong valuation is firmly supported.

if only Jingdong to support the market, so no need to bother, after all, the establishment of a subsidiary pat Network of things, the future still need landing. For a self B2C started Jingdong, C2C is not a little drive a duck onto a perch. The industry believes that this is more like a Jingdong in the completion of the political task of Tencent delivery.

for Jingdong, there is nothing to hold 3C, open up other non-standard areas, more urgent thing. As an open platform for B2C, Jingdong and Tmall is also very large magnitude difference, and, the United States, 1 stores and other vertical areas of the opponent is also increasingly strong, and tentacles extend to other sites.

Jingdong to do is how to narrow the gap with Tmall. Today the capital Xu Xin said, the Jingdong to do the vertical field of the undisputed first, especially the second place and the gap opened far enough. But until the market, Jingdong has not completed the goal, but it is getting closer and

do pat Network, although with a capital level of imagination, but the future real tactical landing, Jingdong must be money, team, traffic has to spend. This is obviously a pit. The whole transaction, only the Tencent is the biggest winner, not only by the Jingdong to restart pat, to a certain extent, to contain the next Taobao, of course, is to contain public opinion, from the mobile degree to appease these are processed out of the new and old employees. You know, from Sogou cooperation, fast and easy to integrate, employees of the Tencent in the internal forum catchy vocal opposition, much.

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