LETV and iCNTV court has terminated cooperation licence

source: Zhonghua

once again become the focus of public opinion on the Internet when the TV box, LETV iCNTV and decorum court people once again stunned. According to media reports, as the iCNTV court, and piggyback on the platform equipped with iCNTV hardware company.

iCNTV the future of television yesterday announced that due to the requirements of music boxes and TVs in broadcast control and video content is not strictly comply with the broadcasting management, iCNTV future of television has terminated with music as the company’s license relationship, but the content of cooperation in accordance with the original contract to continue to perform.

in the strict supervision, license and lifeline box market, LETV and iCNTV fully hostility to fantastic.

but also more than the music as the trouble. According to a reporter from the HD box product sales data to display Tmall data cube, LETV TV sales showed a gradual downward trend, has gradually fade out the vision of users.

HD box product sales data in Tmall

data cube of 2013 in the fourth quarter, the first quarter of 2014, 201 years in the second quarter, MIUI/ millet products were more than 310 thousand, 480 thousand, 430 thousand times the number of traded goods ranked first, TV and music as places 27 thousand, 13 thousand, 13 thousand numbers were ranked eleventh and twelfth and thirteenth.

recently, SARFT Network Division issued immediately shut down illegal Internet TV terminal product video software to download the channel letter, informed criticism of set-top box number and blockbuster two platforms, the unauthorized installation of APP, all kinds of video aggregation software and Internet browser software phenomenon.

industry such as the music box describe the situation: "a policy of coping, without paying users".

In addition to the

box, Jia Yueting high hopes for the "super TV", Jia Yueting is also facing the capital circle frequently described the protagonist, shipments in very limited circumstances, users encountered strong emotional rebound.

a well-known portal digital channel has released an exclusive report, friends @ wo Wu Bin reflect the new music as a TV screen after the installation of the phenomenon of split screen, but the sale is not in the scope of maintenance. Music, as the customer believes that there are two television transport situation, and their own installation, so the screen crack is man-made damage, not in the scope of repair, you can add $3000 to replace the new machine. And said that the spread of false information dissemination of friends to retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

The reporters found that in music as

official forum fans community browsing, the problem is not the case LETV TV screen, LETV TV screen broken without complaint case meet the eye everywhere.

bought the TV music as the user "1382xxx9813_204" reported, 24 days using split screen, the rights of the 20 days failed but at their own expense replacement. And the other for friends 132>

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