Taobao is preparing to launch a new cross-border trading platform

October 26th news, Taobao vice president Lu Peng in the 2010 cross-strait e-commerce industry cooperation and exchange meeting revealed that Taobao is currently brewing large cross-border trading platform, will be officially launched in the near future.

prior to Taobao’s attempt to cross-border transactions, and YAHOO Japan launched a Amoy Japan, domestic users can directly buy Japanese goods on the platform. Lu Peng said, based on YAHOO’s "taojapan platform" store Home Furnishing, and only the Japanese goods, "the cost and influence is limited".

Taobao is planning a large cross-border trading platform, considering the direct cooperation with foreign brands, domestic users to facilitate the purchase of foreign goods. The latter also plans to develop two-way trade, Chinese sellers also look at the platform can be used to display and sell goods. In addition to the front page, the platform will integrate the whole industry chain of cross-border trade, the introduction of third party partners to complete the product declaration, warehousing, distribution and other links. At present, Taobao has already prepared a special warehouse for cross-border transactions in Shanghai. Lu Peng did not disclose the specific time of the platform on the line.

In addition, Taobao also plans to launch a specialty based around the country, featured China platform, has been on the line of the Sichuan channel, will be launched in Hunan, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and other channels. (Niu Qian)

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