APP development is on the verge of despair rampant copycat profit difficult

noon, a iOS development group also constantly beating discussion, Maddie (a pseudonym) do not want to leave to go to dinner, she was excited to read other App developers to exchange various types of technical experience. Just entered the industry shortly after her, the recent personal App development is dead, the rumors do not catch a cold. "I’ve never heard of it." She told reporters in a tone that she wanted to skip the topic. Any new into an industry have the right to dream, but once the earliest in the application development industry 139.ME founder Zhu Lianxing brilliant record is to "IT times" reporter admitted, "App personal development is dead" is their more positive view. For those who still believe that the market is full of opportunities for personal developers, the pioneer experience is of no reference value


worse, innovation encountered technical bottlenecks

"many institutions, the media or in the development of industry heat stir, but as in this one, but I learned from some friends in the industry, not profit increasing phenomenon, many developers up to thousands of dollars monthly personal income." Zhu Lianxing told the IT times reporter.

as a mature development team, he has recently started to fade out of the development level, instead engaged in providing more promising work SDK toolkit. "The current App market is like a vehicle because of excessive congestion of the road, whether it is a car (individual developers) or luxury car (mature team) can be very difficult to walk in pain." Zhu Lianxing read.

recently, more mobile phone game developers desperate to admit, the average monthly income of only 1000 yuan in micro-blog; the business model is not found, if it continues, I might someday die in front of the computer, and my partner may be divorced."

was cottage, brush list violations, the application of homogenization of these factors have seriously said too long." Zhu Lianxing said, according to his observation, the worse the situation comes from a new factor: new technologies for mobile devices seem to have encountered bottlenecks.

Zhu Lianxing recalls: in 2008 to enter the industry, I feel the touch screen, slide, LBS and other technologies before the PC, are the main factors driving the emergence of stunning works. But in recent years, the technology of mobile devices is relatively fixed, there is not much new technology, so the room for innovation has become weak." Although many new entrants blame their creativity by others cottage, but in many cases the real creative rare, many individual developers are only based on the predecessors of the small improvements. This would like to profit, Zhu Lianxing think is not realistic.

market chaos, who came to a cottage

"national air pollution index" developers Wang Jun believes that the application is a copycat become aggravated trend. For example, the invasion of the rights of developers is not just the so-called direct competitors, a number of industry related non developer team to participate in the foot: the previous one is not very large

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