Small sellers every day, the special deal included in the sale of the search order!

a few days ago to get the news that the daily specials to be included in the search sort, a lot of friends asked me is not true, and even today after the announcement of the issue there are people suspected!


included in the special offer every day activities, including weight category, price 10 yuan package Youzhu clearance activities are all included in the search, the children quickly enroll now! With the previous Tmall investment in the new regulations, but also to small sellers welfare at the same time, daily activity is a battle! (seems to have been wrong! Is the battle. The so-called strategic loss) will appear in the special offer every day, of course is a good thing for consumers, and cherish it! And the third party sale platform of the


attached daily special forum announcement Original:

special offer every day as a Alibaba only free support platform for the growth of small sellers, last year made a lot of small sellers to support the work for 3: above users can enroll in a special offer every day activities; support new project – bags, set the theme of county goods marketing activities.

began in March 16, 2015, the daily turnover of goods in special data will be included in the search order:

not included before, what is it?

businesses to participate in special every day, and all Taobao marketing tools, the transaction is not included in the search sort, small sellers during the event to get the flow of precipitation.

, for example, to participate in the activities of the day special offer goods every day, the effect is very good, but in the search ranking will not be included in the subsequent search result ranking has not changed, it is difficult for consumers to find the shop, the impact of the two visit rate.

included, what effect?

business transaction in the special offer every day to search if included in the ranking, it is a good solution to the problem: you can put the goods in good performance data every day to reflect the special offer search ranking to good naturally easier for consumers find more.

business end shop will also improve the rate of return, so that businesses can really get more and more new and old customers every day on the special marketing platform.

recorded before and after the search results contrast:

main content

included before


turnover & traffic impact

participate in the special day traffic & turnover is very high

not only the activities of the day traffic, high turnover. Also reflected in the days after the search ranking flow. The better the performance during the event, the faster the future flow of

shop drainage affects

shop search invariant

shop search upgrade, increase repeat customers

search ranking affects

no effect.

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