Ali letter to combat speculation penalty of 47 Taobao stores eight years old of brush off

Abstract: following the rookie and Tmall, Alibaba to fight the fried letter war burned to Taobao. The day before the Alibaba opened in May second retail platform ticket, 47 market Taobao business has been verified in simulation of brush ", which has 26 crown sellers, the highest is 4 Star crown, the longest shop has more than eight years. Insiders told the Beijing Daily reporter revealed that the false delivery is the merchant brush the main trick.

in the industry view, even on Taobao, a series of measures to express the crackdown on brush single platform, but in the fight against speculation channel at the same time, Taobao should also improve product presentation mechanism, so businesses demand scalping is fundamentally broken.


simulation brush is the seller of Taobao in order to get the flow and the use of a violation of the behavior of the account monument. A crown seller told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, brush alone there are two main ways, one is false delivery, one is the real delivery. The former requires the seller to joint logistics company, issuing false logistics orders, a shop one day a single brush amount of up to hundreds of; real delivery requires the owner to find real buyers, real shipments, "one day a few single brush". According to the Beijing Daily reporter, the closing of 47 stores, the longest time to sell for 107 months, the shortest time to sell for 4 months, the average time to sell for 35 months, among which there are 26 crown sellers, the highest star crown 4, according to the shopkeeper guess most of the false delivery the way.

April 18th, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba group retail platform business group attended the meeting at the time of the seller had solemnly stated, in May for the introduction of the letter will be very strict punishment merchants merchants. Then in May 4th, 23 Tmall businesses are repaying. Alibaba group security department set up a special governance this year, the hype team". Relevant responsible person said, the future combat speculation is believed to be the "new normal", Alibaba will announce to the society regularly return ticket of Taobao and Tmall platform "speculation business letter". In addition, the Alibaba is the fried letter false behavior into the business and personal credit system of the Internet on the Internet, any false behavior will be recorded, the line under the line of credit conditions will be affected.

however, the seller said, the letter in heavy combat speculation at the same time, Ali also should actively adjust the presentation mechanism. "Taobao hit a single brush, because false trading brush single behind disrupted the market, harm the interests of consumers, but the seller is a single brush, because under the current rules, if not even brush single commodity continuous flow can not be obtained, so the seller to ensure the goods by the buyer through a variety of ways to see." The seller said, Taobao’s algorithm will ensure accurate buyers into the store, and then through the single conversion rate constant calculation, promote good products in front of present. But the mechanism is not perfect, the algorithm main criterion of commodities or sales, especially small category, sales of goods must be high in the front row, "but the volume on the concept of" push "

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