Development situation and Prospect of China’s agricultural e-commerce

first, the new situation of China’s e-commerce development

information and communication technology as a universal technology, vast space hitherto unknown for economic and social development, especially the real-time interactive nature of the Internet has brought great changes to human production and life style. With the help of the Internet, e-commerce has completely broken the traditional way of trade, greatly expanding the way people trade and trade, and promote the formation of a new business model.

(a) a new round of changes in information technology to provide new impetus for the development of e-commerce

in twenty-first Century, the global development of information technology, is entering a new stage in the pan and intelligent, integrated, from computing technology to network technology, and software technology and sensing technology, is undergoing a series of innovation and change, will be the development of electronic commerce brings more powerful technical support. First, the computing technology to the development of computing intensive and data intensive, driving capacity computing and capacity computing to enhance synchronization. Second, network technology to broadband, wireless, intelligent direction. Third, the software to open source, intelligent, high credibility and service to accelerate the development of. Fourth, the perception and recognition technology to intelligent direction.

(two) the opportunity of e-commerce development in China

in recent years, the number of e-commerce transactions in China increased year by year. Even in the period of the international financial crisis, e-commerce still shows great development advantages and market potential.

first, a series of government support policies for the development of e-commerce to create a good policy environment. In order to promote the development of e-commerce in individuals and enterprises, governments at all levels have introduced a series of supportive measures, including tax incentives, employment support and so on. Improve the management system, standardize the operation of the industry, the development of domestic e-commerce to create a more relaxed policy environment.

Secondly, in the process of dealing with the international financial crisis, the market environment of electronic commerce is more optimized

. Since since the end of 2008, the impact of the international financial crisis, China’s industries are affected, but including the electronic commerce, the network economy is in the economic winter warm. In response to the crisis, the e-commerce industry has been adjusted accordingly. Part of the foreign trade enterprises to focus on domestic B2B, domestic demand of consumption. B2C and C2C e-businessmen also constantly improve the supporting services, and continuously improve the electronic payment instruments.

once again, the growing popularity of the Internet, more mature Internet users to expand the development of e-commerce. The increasing popularity of the Internet, Internet users to enhance awareness and acceptance of e-commerce accelerated. According to CNNIC statistics, as of June 2009, China’s online shopping users was 87 million 880 thousand, an increase of 24 million 590 thousand people, an annual increase of up to 38.9%. The use of online shopping and Internet users are closely related to the number of years of service, with the increase in the number of Internet users and the increase in the age of Internet users, the use of e-commerce and transaction volume is bound to have greater room for improvement.

(three) electronic commerce in China

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