Mcglaughlin energy-saving focus on Electronic Commerce

a few years ago, Mcglaughlin saw the disadvantages of the traditional department store industry, electronic commerce and online stores that can both two parties to balance development, but now the situation is that all soldiers, billions of funds to enter the e-commerce portal, advertising price kept skyrocketing, e-commerce companies are trying to move on. If the energy is too fragmented, it may not be able to catch up with the industry to invest in each of the 100% companies.

Mcglaughlin since the listing, it has received unprecedented attention. Endless news. Started from a mail order company, to open the line shop, and then to the force of e-commerce, Mcglaughlin channel development route, many industry insiders also see the tangle, it is difficult to describe.

CEO Mcglaughlin Gu Beichun recently in an interview with reporters, the development route of Mcglaughlin made some sort, we can see, after continuous adjustment to adapt to the market, Mcglaughlin has now become a comprehensive e-commerce based fashion store platform.

Mcglaughlin in 1996 China, is the first approved by the government in the mail order business of foreign-funded enterprises, in 2000, Mcglaughlin Chinese in the first wave of the Internet boom, set up their own e-commerce site M18.COM, because of the Internet bubble burst, the site for a long time off silently in the territory of Mcglaughlin in the corner of life. In 2006, Mcglaughlin opened the first line shop, 2009 Mcglaughlin announced plans to expand the scale, increase the line store at the same time, Mcglaughlin is in a new round of electronic commerce heatwave, force of e-commerce, M18.COM said, take on an altogether new aspect from the page design, the front of the purchase logistics process, to the background of the payment, logistics, Mcglaughlin have a thorough improvement.

October 2010 Mcglaughlin listed, although listed in the earnings and executives in the description, Mcglaughlin is the fashion department store platform with online sales, but in many people’s minds, it is still a challenge to the development of mail order businesses, stores under its line is also very much.

directory is no longer a marketing channel to become an advertising medium

not long ago, Mcglaughlin announced the fourth quarter and full year earnings, from the open data, sales of orders through the online channel under the purchase of Mcglaughlin, has accounted for more than 2/3 of the year.

CEO Mcglaughlin Gu Beichun said that over the past year, Mcglaughlin has experienced great changes in the market, see through the directory call in order is less and less, and more and more customers through the network order. After analysis, Mcglaughlin found that Mcglaughlin’s original customers, mostly in the age between 20 to 40 years old, of which 80% of the customers are college educated, more than half in the developed coastal areas, the earliest use of users of the directory, the past two years also like the tide, into online shopping users.

Mcglaughlin adjusted the channel strategy, to adapt to the transformation of customers, will be more experience into the construction and marketing of the internet. >

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