Deal with fake concerns, the United States and the United States to push genuine risk

NetEase science and technology news, February 27th news, the last two years, cosmetics electricity supplier has been deeply worried about fakes. In the case of, after the sale of cosmetics website by the media broke the fake problem in the last year, the stock plummeted, consumer confidence in the entire cosmetics electricity supplier industry also fell to the bottom.

in order to enhance user confidence of cosmetics, today announced a joint Jingdong website, Pacific Insurance Company jointly launched the "beauty" are genuine risks ", a compensation of three, the highest paid 20 thousand yuan" security commitment. According to reports, when consumers have doubts about buy product quality, can be directly to Industrial and Commercial Bureau or qualified institutions to identify products, made the appraisal report, and then by Jingdong and Pacific Insurance Customer Service Hotline launched the claim, when the responsibility is clear and complete materials, consumers can obtain the purchase price of goods 3 times (maximum 20 thousand yuan) of the amount of claims.

A general manager of Jingdong

mall guard makeup business department Ma Zheng introduced, the Jingdong has a strict quality control measures, from the qualification examination, channel control, daily sampling, punishment and other aspects of strict control of product quality; the introduction of the third party organization, it is combined with external for consumers to further solve the menace from the rear.

Ma Zheng also introduced, from now until March 8th, was once a year the Jingdong beauty promotional activities – Butterfly Festival "".

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