Where the second spring or give dying kicks Jedi

we experienced a severe winter, in the outside world under the negative public opinion bombing a long internal reorganization, now where the customer for the reception of the 2012 spring of April. Aged 3 at the end of starts creating suspense for every guest in April, Han Han in April 1st to open micro-blog, Chen and Han Han at the same time in early April to attract the public eye, finally successfully "where the second spring recovery rally. We have only one chance to fight back, or life, or death, we can no longer afford to lose. (text / Wang Liyang)

"wusuowei spring," the

is regarded as hopeless. give dying kicks?

2011 we made a lot of mistakes, blind category expansion, a large backlog of products, internal fickleness corruption, environmental problems and bad customer pull into the bottom from the altar. The repeated guest capital chain rupture, possible bankruptcy or takeover rumors, everyone played out between the awkward dilemma has been widely acclaimed overnight guest. After a long internal reorganization, where the April second spring campaign has begun, we can reshape the brilliant is still a question, first to summarize in the etiology.

1 radical expansion, inventory accumulation. From 2007 to 2010 where the rapid expansion of gangbusters, have not seen what big mistake, but in 2011 the brainchild of VANCL become mingtu up. The success of the past let every guest in 2011 carried away from the blind, category expansion, main apparel products cross into the field of home appliances Living rice cooker, cross to the production field and the Home Furnishing mop, mainly clothing products is a significant backlog of inventory, resulting in capital chain tension problems make the company operation.

2 "off period" in advertising expenses. A serious problem occurs, capital chain tight like playing "closing" game. An Internet advertising service sales staff began almost every home reminders accounts from the end of last year, a few months after nearly mad. At the same time, there are a number of accounts for worry about clothing and footwear suppliers. Where the interior modulation let him feel alarmed is at home have a long time.

3 internal impetuous corruption, serious problem. Originally the policy of sprint IPO, IPO finally failed, but to all guest brings the consequences of inflation, so that serious management problems. Old said every guest appeared in "top flighty and impetuous, arrogant grassroots corruption". Internal instability, external development.

4 executives layoffs, morale is weak. Where the strategic error has had a serious impact on the customer’s human resources, where the CFO and chief financial officer of both leave, and we all make every guest layoffs 5%, there have been serious problems in terms of human resources, a great influence in the internal morale.

5 capital market freeze, IPO extension. The capital market’s winter has continued for a long time, 2011 thunder, the grand literature listing all stranded, electricity investment market freeze, more and more business.

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