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The Interim Measures for the collection of fund universal postal service administration of the use of

to discuss the three year long "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures ") drafted, comments on the process to express industry caused a great disturbance. In addition to the courier companies need to pay about 1000000000 yuan each year, a large amount of money to build their own logistics of large electricity providers may also be implicated in the annual postal money money up to ten million yuan.

After the implementation of the new regulations

, courier companies embrace the city, offsite express will be charged 0.1-0.2 yuan per piece. In the first 11 months of this year, the amount of business, courier companies turned over postal universal service fund, the total size of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan. However, due to the development speed of development of express enterprises always keep up with e-commerce in recent years, Jingdong, mall, Eslite and other large electricity providers have self built logistics, many enterprises have obtained permits the express delivery business in accordance with the provisions of the "measures", these enterprises will also be involved.

approach provides that the courier business in China’s domestic enterprises should pay postal universal service fund, employing 20 people or less than the annual revenue of $2 million or less. At present, Jingdong,, Eslite mall, shop No. 1 large commercial enterprises are to form a self built logistics system covering the whole network, the self built logistics system far exceeds the size of the scope. For the electricity supplier should be self built logistics, the Ministry of Finance and the postal administration is not clear."

industry insiders said that Jingdong mall, for example, in accordance with its average daily volume of 700 thousand single, 75% of the goods for self logistics system distribution calculation, Jingdong mall at least turned over nearly $20 million per year.

self logistics needs of large-scale investment in enterprises, the high cost of logistics and distribution needs multiple channels. At present, the Jingdong had opened Eslite mall, self built logistics system., shop No. 1 business enterprise has acquired or has been submitted to the express delivery business permit, the new regulations will undoubtedly exacerbated the burden of business enterprise. (Wang Cuiyi)

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