From the store business to the big electricity supplier decrypt Liu Qiangdong electricity supplier g

in recent years the development of the electricity supplier, is raging like a storm. And the various people, unlimited scenery, staged drama, dizzying. The parties are cast to the current public opinion hot industry attention, some people applauded, think this is the age of heroes, it was sad, thinking that this is an irrational competition in the commercial field.

is the best of times and the worst of times.

fortunately, the pursuit of the nature of the business has never stopped. By the end of 2012, Jingdong mall helm Liu Qiangdong announced Jingdong in 2013 to achieve quarterly earnings. News came out, the industry shake. The legendary hero of the grassroots, once again with his unusual insistence, brought us a different story, different news.

Liu Qiangdong insisted on his own, with his own way through, the attention has been paid to the interpretation of the people he has always insisted on the electricity supplier of the road".

look for the electricity supplier of the road: "sometimes, insist that innovation is"

in the winter of 2012, when asked, if there is a chance to cross, Liu Qiangdong is willing to return to the Zhongguancun station in the grassroots of the counter, or willing to move on to become the so-called business leaders. Liu Qiangdong replied: "different time, age to face a different environment, at that time in the counter feel very happy, but today, to lead a larger team to meet the greater challenge is also happy."

this is the same road in different stages, has never changed is that Liu Qiangdong’s insistence on entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the nature of business.

time to return to Zhongguancun in 1998. 12000 yuan for the 25 year old Liu Qiangdong with two years of accumulated work, excitedly ran to the Zhongguancun sand market rent under the counter, start a business career. Sell recorder, prepared in optical magnetic field of product sales come to a black, indifferent to the Internet boom raging like a storm. From agents to retail, and then to the chain, he has been looking for a truly low-cost and efficient way of trade, then, his example is: Gome and suning.

until many years later, he found that Gome and Suning did not achieve the true sense of low-cost, high efficiency, with Liu Qiangdong’s words, they are far from the essence of business. August 2012, Jingdong declared war on suning. This is speculation raise a Babel of criticism of the "war", caused much concern and debate, however, very unfortunately, not many people pay attention to Liu Qiangdong’s true intentions. In fact, as early as 2003 "SARS" period, the contest has been doomed. When Liu Qiangdong was forced by SARS, in Sina, Sohu and other forums and hard to post as a liar, China’s trade pattern is doomed to have a radical innovation.

in early 2005, Liu Qiangdong’s idea is: turn off all of the physical chain, to give up all offline business. At that time, 60 million of the annual sales of Jingdong, from the line and line

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