Goodbye Tencent! QQ online shopping officially renamed Jingdong online shopping


] September 1st news billion state power network, by the Jingdong after the acquisition of QQ, online shopping has been renamed "Jingdong online shopping", the name and the logo has also been put on the coat of Jingdong. List of goods on the platform’s home page and sub channels are directly jump to the Jingdong page, leaving only a small part of the goods remain in the original QQ online shopping page.

it is reported that Tencent shares Jingdong mall, how to integrate the complex business of Tencent’s business has been much attention. Previously, Jingdong has said that after the integration of QQ online shopping platform will no longer be used to encourage the platform merchants move to Jingdong, but in the process of integration of Tencent electricity supplier and Jingdong platform, QQ online shopping will not be closed. At the same time, the Jingdong also said that online shopping operators advertising products (express delivery, direct investment, easy to focus, and will be able to perform wonders of space direct) sustainable development.

, however, businesses from the QQ online shopping process is not so smooth to Jingdong. Billion state power network discovery into a beauty category page from the home page click on online shopping activities Jingdong have emerged, the entire page blank, no product display case. The user can not directly identify which products will jump to the Jingdong, which is still in the original QQ online shopping platform transactions.

according to informed sources, after the merger of Tencent electricity supplier Jingdong, QQ online shopping part of the relocation of businesses to pat B shop or C points, the other part of the relocation to Jingdong POP platform. At present, most of the QQ online shopping businesses have been relocated, only a small number of businesses are still moving.

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