Tencent, web site home to a high price to buy back the.Cn domain name

Tencent, site of the home lost.CN domain to.Cn domain

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qq.com.cn domain by peers have ahead of time, Tencent open again in the CN two domain within 20 minutes of being registered qq.cn domain name. Was informed that the two after the first open in the CN domain name disputes, Tencent did not account for cheap, but from abroad at a high price to buy QQ.COM domain. The home of the website has 4 corn, the 2 prefixes are hao123 and hao222. Following the hao123.com.cn domain name by peers have ahead of time after the site’s home again being registered hao222.cn and hao123.cn in Maize CN two domain name after the opening.

China’s top domain name.CN two domain name under the global open registration. In the opening of.CN registered less than 20 minutes, qq.cn was recognized as a Xiamen registered business China (www.bizcn.com) upgrade success, is the original registered domain qq.hl.cn three holders of Heilongjiang data communication bureau liu.

then they immediately by the Tencent to support the requirements of the business will be under the qq.cn China call them, the Tencent Inc believes that Tencent QQ instant messaging tools by the Shenzhen Tencent has been carefully developed and popularized China users familiar, is currently ranked third in the world, Asia’s first Internet instant messaging service provider, "QQ" or "QQ" has become synonymous with their products and services, they can be legally registered and enjoy qq.cn, if necessary, they will through legal channels to obtain the legal right to use the domain name.

business China business center official said in an interview, qq.cn successfully registered in full compliance with the requirements of the CNNIC priority upgrade. In order to protect the domain name has been registered under the.CN, in the formal registration of.CN two domain names within a certain period of time, CNNIC allows three domain name holders to register the domain name priority of the two. Qq.hl.cn registration in advance, and in the first two days to upgrade the application domain name, submitted by the Chinese business to the CNNIC database, successfully registered qq.cn domain name. Liu Zhijiang, director of CNNIC’s office, confirmed the claim.

.CN domain name allows the transfer, sale, and therefore a number of high gold content CN domain name to become the object of competition. Business China said that the original three domain name registration time determines the priority of the registered domain name of the right to upgrade, qq.cn is a typical example. From the current situation, there are still a lot of people enjoy the right of priority is not registered within the stipulated time or is proposed to upgrade the application, after successful registration, no timely payment to the domain name are deleted, the domain is open after.CN is equal public register.

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