Bank Retail electric shock evolution online financial mall flames of war

reports from the past is not difficult to see, interest income accounted for more than 70% of the operating income of commercial banks everywhere, domestic commercial banks rely on the statutory interest rate life, it seems pretty good.

, however, from last year, the sense of crisis began to spread in the banking sector, the promotion of the interest rate market makes the banking policy dividend shrink, competition will become increasingly fierce industry. In addition, the Internet financial impact on the traditional financial industry with a strong momentum, challenging the traditional financial model.

in order to "challenge", industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of communications, CITIC Bank and Ping An Bank has launched the "financial mall", closely follow the trend, expect to achieve "online evolution", help the retail business. "Our bank is very popular." Ping An Bank who recently joked on the "daily economic news" reporter said.

reporter observed, however, the size of the bank financial mall transaction is still not large.

open shop spell retail

daily economic news reporter found that 16 listed banks have opened a financial mall in 4". Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is called the "financial supermarket", the bank called "cross Bo Financial Museum, CITIC Bank called" financial mall ", Ping An Bank called" online mall".

four mall products include precious metals, financial products, trusts, funds, insurance, loans, credit cards, bonds, foreign exchange, etc..

4 mall, from the product point of view, ICBC and bank big firms are precious metal Mall features for sale, which ICBC exclusive treasury bonds and foreign exchange trading. Ping An Bank mall financial products including financial products, funds, insurance and loans, but also to provide exclusive purchase trust appointment. CITIC Bank products are relatively small, only financial, funds, loans and credit card services provided exclusively.

from the mall page design and function, Ping An Bank’s Mall product classification and eye-catching. CITIC Bank and Bank of the mall, customers can according to the product term, currency, the expected rate of return, purchase starting point, risk rating detailed conditions to financial products selection. ICBC mall page design is relatively simple, hovering on the relevant products, in order to see the purchase button.

CITIC Bank Yang Xiao earlier in the daily economic news reporter, said CITIC Bank Retail business expansion must be through innovative models, the traditional way to expand the limited space.

it is understood that after Zhu Xiaohuang became president of CITIC Bank, the first month that quickly set up a network of banks, and directly responsible for the general manager of retail banking, Yang Xiao has also served as general manager of network banking.

CITIC Bank and China UnionPay cooperation is part of the strategic planning of CITIC, but also includes the cooperation with e-commerce, electricity supplier companies and the introduction of CITIC financial electronics mall." Yang Xiao said. >

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