Talking about the origin of group buying and tourism and the dilemma of tourism group buying website

travel blog travel e-commerce articles: buy a word, very hot. The Internet is given a serious definition: group purchase is group shopping, refers to know or don’t know consumers together, to increase of business and negotiation ability, in order to achieve a the bestprice. It is like a group purchase mode of huge business opportunities, since the first domestic group purchase website, group purchase fire gradually liaoyuan. There are institutional statistics, and now China’s large and small groups have not purchased the site 3000. In the face of the Warring States, our online travel industry entrepreneurs also gradually can not bear, many sites have offered to buy the banner, the so-called tourism group began to appear. You talk about the blog got awful, talk about their group purchase tourism and some thinking, please paizhuan.


from tourism group purchase?

we all say that foreign giants Groupon to create a buy, in fact, I would like to tell you the fact that this is not the case, but actually buy from tourism. Friends may not be engaged in online travel tourism Cobain was born, I need to introduce a character: Thomas · Cook. He was the pioneer of modern tourism, the first to organize team travel. In July 5, 1841, Thomas · Cook chartered a train carrying 570 people from Leicester to Ralph Bale to participate in the temperance conference, a round trip of 22 miles per charge, group only a shilling, lunch and snacks with ham also provide free, there is a hymn of the band followed, this short tour marked the beginning modern tourism and tourism.

from this incident, we obtained several characteristics: one is the group of tourism consumers together, the two is the team’s combined Strengthening of business and negotiation ability, three is the optimal price made tourism team. According to the definition of group buying, we will suddenly wake up: we have been buying. Personally feel that the tour name is a must, it can definitely become an important tourism group purchase from evidence. There are also a lot of the group purchase term – offered, the newspaper group · · · · ·, in the traditional travel agency business for having heard it many times we are considered. If we really count on the beginning of modern tourism, in fact, we have to buy more than 150 years.

unknown? (Tourism) to survive the

group purchase

to remove the upper part of the boring and elegant, travel blog about the survival of tourism group buying site has a strong interest. The nature of modern tourism industry is also similar to a group purchase, while the modern online travel booking website is more similar to the group purchase (online travel websites from a nature said is actually a huge tourism group purchase behavior of Internet users and the number of tourism resources based on business negotiations and achieve a competitive price), how can the tourism group purchase website set up in the mountain hills? How can they get enough profit? What made them than travel booking website a >

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