Talk about some of the skills to make money blog

blog is very popular on the Internet, who can always hear the blog buzz, whose blog click rate reached millions, when Internet fresh things or unexpected things, you can hear the comments, blog can be said to be a space Internet discussion exchange, is also a bridge the transfer of information, some speculation news very timely, so with these advantages can consider blogging to make money.

use blog to make money, we must first have their own blog, it should be how to choose a good blog, relatively well-known domestic NetEase, Sina, YAHOO, 21CN and so on, and the end of the world. These blogs have a lot of popularity and traffic, the general news or events will go through these blog hype.

application blog is free, and there is a two level domain name, you can choose to love letters and numbers as domain names, so we choose to register the blog, fill in the relevant information, and then can be opened, the operation is very simple, there is not much to say.

blog, to add content to it, the best is the original article is the best, then do some promotion, and constantly improve the blog, every day a new original articles upload, so slowly accumulate, write some attractive article, only in this way will have more people to visit your blog that had flow can have the possibility of making money.

Through the efforts of

, accumulation of popularity, many people have access to your blog, just consider how to make money, we can add some reputable Wangzhuan project in your blog, do a detailed tutorial, when visitors see this project, interested friends will naturally add come in, then you have to publish their best contact, such as QQ, mobile phone and so on, so as to facilitate them to have what problem can ask you, general novice must do it by helping to better, will be more money for you, this is just one way.

we can also in the blog advertising GOOGLE, general can choose the appropriate location on the GOOGLE provides advertising, when visitors see the obvious places he is interested in advertising will click on it, so we can have more income, click on it and earn more, now it supports RMB payment the convenient people, and traffic blog a month hundreds of dollars is not a problem.

has a lot of money blogging skills of things, it just said the two friends who are interested can try this project, to find more relevant information on the Internet, how to learn some skills, then you will always be in Wangzhuan on the road to getting better, I wish you success! (originally from

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