is difficult to reach the 20 billion target complaints referred to poor experience

on the evening of October 30th, Suning finally released 2012 quarterly report three. Data show that Suning realized revenue 72 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 7.1%, but net profit attributable to parent company $23.5, down by 31%. The former three quarter sales revenue of 9 billion 556 million yuan (including tax).

at the beginning of this year, confirmed the 2012 sales targets: Paul 20 billion yuan for 30 billion yuan. From the third quarter results, in the rest of the fourth quarter of this year’s goal seems a bit difficult. The day before the Internet, there are rumors that has lowered its annual sales target. However, a staff member of on the "investor" reporter said, "does not matter, will continue to sprint at the end of the year, for the completion of the target."

in addition, the pursuit of speed and scale at the same time in, the problem of poor customer experience is becoming more and more prominent, as’s growing pains.

target difficult to continue to sprint

according to Suning previously published results, first quarter of this year, two quarter sales were 1 billion 920 million yuan, 3 billion 360 million yuan, a total of 5 billion 280 million yuan; so calculated, third quarter sales of 4 billion 276 million yuan.

industry insiders said that, in general, the fourth quarter sales accounted for the highest proportion of the year, generally not less than 25%, or even up to 30%. But even if in the fourth quarter increase, far can not finish the target of 20 billion yuan. Most of the industry is expected, annual sales up to 15 billion yuan.

Although the outside of the

target evaluation is not high, but on the outside of the sound completely ignored, just buried. executive vice president Li Bin said, from the beginning of November, will once again be full force, sprint annual goals, while the double eleven is on the battleground. Electricity supplier price war smoke filled again.

according to the "investor" reporter, this will be the first time will be unified online and offline promotion, make – up 20 times to achieve eleven sales tasks great leap forward growth.

although the development of fast, but the incremental line is still very limited, because only rely on home appliances and 3C category growth, do not do it in the big department store category. If growth is not impossible, but will damage their own line of home appliances business." Electricity supplier independent observers Lu Zhenwang told reporters.

for, the open platform is also a way to increase sales.

, with the fourth quarter open platform, many large businesses will certainly bring a lot of settled. Currently has completed the signing of more than 1 thousand, has sold a total of more than and 300." brand Secretary Chen Gongjing told reporters, "the year target of 20 billion yuan to.