Site contract Fan Shu

contract number: WEBSITE–2006-REG-NO._______________

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract law of the People’s Republic of China, Party A and Party B shall, in accordance with the principles of honesty, credit, equality and common development, voluntarily sign this contract and abide by the contract.
1, the rights and obligations of   Party B provides services for the domain name registration project.
2,   Party B long-term protection of domain names, and provide technical advice and support free of charge.
3,   Party B to provide party a long-term website design, website planning and website promotion and other services.
4,   Party B and Party A according to the website update plan, regular website update.
1,   site a total cost of $                yuan (RMB), capital       & nbsp;;                                                      .
2,   site construction completed in _______ years ____ month _____ day.
3,   both parties after the signing of the contract, Party A shall pay _____% website construction fee payment, a total of $                yuan (RMB), capital                                                  .
4, &>

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