Science and technology news listed three new board to provide electricity supplier services

news November 9th, according billion state power network understanding, with network and Amoy shoes shoes net and the Chinese network Fujian news network Polytron Technologies Inc shares publicly listed for sale application has access to the national share transfer system to.

According to

billion state power network to understand the company’s shares will be held November 9, 2016 at the national share transfer system listed public transfer.

network technology was founded in 2002, is a shoe industry B2B2C e-commerce company, is one of the major e-commerce service providers in Fujian.

news network science and technology of its existing three rely on each other, but also an independent operation of the platform: China Netcom (enterprise base station services), the global shoe network (B2B services) and Amoy shoes Network (B2C services). Xunwang technology has to include Septwolves industry, Heng Group, one group, 100 Acer Group, Caramel Group, Koon Fook shares, AOKANG group, Anta group, yelikon star group, sports goods, 361° provide Internet application services International Limited, PEAK group, BELLE shoes, POOVE shoes, Saturday shoes, ABC shoes and many other enterprises.

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