.Asia domain name open public note


of Asia’s top official for the.Asia domain name and trademark holders open government registered in October 9, 2007, the year before becoming the "European" (.Eu) after the opening of the new top area domain name, on an equal footing with.Com,.Edu. 5 months later, Asia domain name registration priority period ended, the public landing phase will begin in February 20, 2008, when companies across the globe and the public may apply for registration.Asia domain name.

Asia domain name registration priority during the annual price of nearly 1400 yuan price, the domain name and short shrift because of high prices, from a number of government agencies and enterprises registration is not significant. The industry is expected to seize the period the number of applications will be unprecedented. At the same time the Asia domain name registration service providers also have launched a beachhead in the period before the pre registration period. The era of the Internet from January 11, 2008 to February 19, 2008 open.Asia public domain pre registration period, pre registered during the era of the Internet can enjoy the first year free registration the discount, that is 159 yuan to enjoy two years, pre registration period will be adjusted back to the original 318/ for two years, during the pre injection of enterprises and the public can apply for registration.

users around the world can be pre registered.Asia domain name during the period, many industry insiders investment domain family will fully grasp this golden opportunity to invest in Asia the most potential of online real estate, is expected to have an intense rush. Also called because of the priority registration period of high prices and are not registered enterprises and government agencies to ensure their timely registration, to seize the initiative in the.Asia domain name registration, protect their own brand.

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