O2O upgrade reputation competition in May he moved to the next line, play free card

strong return in June last year, the local life service platform reputation, is becoming the largest O2O market variables. "The world network" was informed that after the catering business, reputation, plans in May to leisure entertainment, beauty, KTV, baby, sports and fitness, car service, wedding and other local service businesses open, and in the years to attract millions of merchants settled. This also means that the reputation in the local service areas of life in full force, and pose a direct threat to the "new".


as a local life service platform, word of mouth plans to use the Internet platform and the ability to help businesses under the line to do business more healthy, and to complete the transformation and upgrading of the DT era. At the beginning of last year, the establishment of the word of mouth to food and business over the two high-frequency industry as a starting point, quickly won the recognition of users and businesses. Official release of the latest data show that less than a year, including KFC, Carrefour and almost all of the major food and beverage, business super brand has been settled reputation. Currently, the country has settled in catering businesses over 700 thousand, over the super business is over 50 thousand.

entertainment and other businesses can be settled, one minute to complete the application

with the food and beverage industry, the smooth progress of the industry, the word of mouth is also intended to open more lines of service industry, to help its transformation and upgrading. Reporters learned today, word of mouth will to more offline service industry open in May this year, the opening of the new industry almost covers most of the form of the service line, including entertainment, beauty, mother and child, KTV, car service, sports, pets, wedding etc..

it is understood that when the country can apply to all businesses have settled, and focus on the promotion in more than and 200 core city, reputation will review business licenses to ensure the quality of settled merchants. Word of mouth will have a professional third party service providers, system providers to help businesses apply for settled, businesses can also apply through the official platform for self-help, one minute to complete the application. In order to build a comprehensive and open ecological strategy, word of mouth will be open to businesses open traffic, marketing, payment, membership management, data analysis and credit risk control capabilities.


backed Ali and ant payment service, provides the entrance of a mobile phone Taobao and Alipay these two national App are in the home for reputation. In the case of Alipay, Alipay’s name over 450 million users. This means that the word of mouth has a strong flow capacity, can be found in a large number of new businesses settled merchants.

does not charge Commission no account period, so that the line is not difficult to do business

as a new force in the local life services market, the word of mouth from the very beginning to abandon the old way to buy, I hope the next line of business is not difficult to do business. As everyone knows, group purchase amount of low-cost way to go to make many offline businesses fall into the water without profit "embarrassment, and many O2O platform high commissions, long accounts of the practices also allow businesses miserable. In this context, the word of mouth does not receive commissions, no account of the business support policy will undoubtedly stir >

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