E-commerce will grow by 1000% in the next three years

is just the end of the internet conference line, held around the stationmaster Congress or have expressed such a message, the entire Internet industry are optimistic about the electronic commerce this one, believe that in the future there are great development.

saw the video at night when he was interviewed by techweb, who declined to swim in the video of the forum, and felt that the idea of the empty space was exactly the same. E-commerce as a new way of shopping, with its convenience, cheap to get more and more people happy to accept. Especially with the continuous development of the shopping environment and the size of the Internet, especially the rapid development of 3G, I believe the user’s shopping environment more and more convenient. As long as you have a cell phone in hand, you can always buy the goods you want, in the past can not imagine.

then the focus of the future development of electronic commerce there? What is the core of the development model? I believe that e-commerce in the B2C mode the power of the future development of electronic commerce, electronic commerce and the vertical. Over the past few years, the Internet has emerged a large number of e-commerce sites, and everyone in the exploration of reasonable development mode, recently, whether it is the red child, or Jingdong transition to large department stores, the concept of many people shouting B2C dying. However, this argument is not agree, because I have always believed that the electronic commerce is the main China in electronic commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, they are the main force in the future China e-commerce, they will as the shopping environment is different and change their entire marketing strategy.

The core of

e-commerce is to allow users to quickly find what they want, and this product must be competitive. So it is decided that the future of e-commerce sites must be professional, the user will be based on their needs to choose the goods you want.

with the change of consumption concept, with 80,90 becoming the market to buy the main party, with diverse means of Internet, change with the traditional enterprise e-commerce awareness and deepening of e-commerce in the future growth of 1000% is perfectly logical and the laws of the market.

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