According to drunk 300P station GGAD daily income 10 knife analysis (Continued)

According to drunk: 300IP station GGAD daily income 10 knife analysisAddress:

in Chongqing drunk 20:37:13

    because already wrote a similar article. If I say…     estimated that only take the case to come out and say…

stations can also not say.HeilongjiangVince 20:37:50

Shandong dragon 2005 20:38:16Fast.


in Chongqing drunk 20:38:37

I still starts from the basic ideas about…

is to identify user’s computer level     and then determine how to put advertising.


well continue. I take notes.

in Chongqing drunk 20:40:04

my article is too soft     so did not say what skills.       theory just long;   I will give you some concrete techniques of         I see a hit rate of 20% stations to you now

in Chongqing drunk 20:40:49

is the click rate of GGAD.


… Yes. We need to experience skills…

theory things although know. But it will not necessarily be used

ZhengzhouGOAL 20:41:58

in Chongqing drunk 20:43:26

if the station of visitors is the webmaster people such as     then I estimate his click is 0%

so click rate to a great extent and visitors are depending on the level of computer….Now we see his position:

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