A domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent solution

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      today "domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent", think too much now this kind of unscrupulous agents, there are so many webmaster brothers suffer. Here, one method to deal with the unscrupulous agents say to you.

      1, find the domain name agent

      in order to avoid this situation, when looking for agents in your domain name, to find a free (free transfer) membership number and registrar domain agents, see, ask the Agency registration under the terms of service, etc..

      2, if you encounter unscrupulous domain agents?

      if you have not find the domain agents, and accidentally hit the unscrupulous agents, how to do?

      2-1, the contact domain name registrar, ask them to assist, can provide written documentation to the Registrar (indicating who registered the domain name, pay fee, to be transferred to the agency, now the original agent, embarrassed…) proof of all domain names (domain name owner certificate copy) and register the domain name of the related materials (pay records), please help the Registrar transfer agents (and membership number).

      2-2, if the domain name registrar prevarication regardless of this matter, suggest that the domain owner will transfer the domain registrar, why should transfer the registrar? 1, such a registrar, the domain name on there also rest assured? 2, if you do not transfer the Registrar, the Registrar does not matter, the next step to complain to the ICANN and CNNIC there, people may also be restricted to transfer the number of members as a domain name registration company internal affairs, and will not interfere.

      3, domain name registrar

      if the Registrar no matter, it can transfer the domain name registrar, if the agent is no longer difficult for you, the domain name can break away from the unscrupulous agents control smoothly, if the agent or embarrass you, please contact the Registrar or first, they, if they deal with, then Everything will be fine., if not handled, then you do. In accordance with the provisions of ICANN and CNNIC, in compliance with the relevant provisions of the case (refer to the domain name out of the regulations) the registrar is not able to prevent the domain name owner to transfer the domain name registrar. If it is an international domain name, contact ICANN, complain to them, if it is CNNIC, you can make a complaint by email or phone, so

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