return on the way no micro chamber becomes mediocre

micro business set off a heat wave, drum up some people’s wallets, but also a group of people’s eyes. But there are also people who will always remain calm, started from the consumer community is one of the best chance to make the game player micro business platform, but in the pocket shopping and praise platform wantonly eating market tuyere tip, has always been focusing on its business transformation — from the shopping guide platform to the electricity supplier open platform.

why not greedy? co-founder Yue Xuqiang told billion state power network, this is because always remember their own survival,’s core value is to solve the user what to buy, how to buy and how to share the problem after the purchase. So until the end of 2014, the transformation can come to an end found an urgent need to strengthen the social networking users in mobile shopping to enhance the shopping experience, and this demand and the derivative is fast in combination with peers, that in the 2015 return of social business platform strategy, to promote the development of micro business on conspicuous position.

so, in the beginning of 2015 opened the two big moves, one is on-line micro independent APP "shop", the two is APP increased after the revision of the "attention" channel on its home page that renders the user released all kinds of information flow. People, mobile, social, trading, these keywords are micro business is different from the aggregation of electronic business platform label. Yue Xuqiang said that if does not have these keywords, although users like good goods can only be reduced to mediocrity.

as a latecomer,’s small micro universe in the end how to break out? Yue Xuqiang and billion state power network dialogue revealed that there is a value of the platform, to solve the problem depends on the nature of the business size, when most of the micro business remains in the settlement of the circulation channel level, will want another way from the promotion of goods the value of itself.

dialog co-founder Yue Xuqiang

billion state power network co-founder

Yue Xuqiang: 2010 November quit Taobao chief architect, gave up Ali million options, adding only more than and 20 people in the business team. Plain, not much, full of entrepreneurial passion, grow together with so far, from a technical transformation Daniel to become chief of business system.

is not just selling things to fans in the distribution channels

billion state power network: is doing business the first day of shopping community, the number of consumers to download APP a lot, as most of you have genes micro business platform, why not 2013 and 2014

? Yue Xuqiang: at the end of 2013 we considered, but did not start. Because this year we are doing transformation, from the shopping guide platform to direct trading platform for electronic business platform. 2014 the company is also in the transformation of all energy >

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