Tmall double 11 Rev ERP pressure test this year, orders rose several

September 5th news, in order to prepare for the Tmall 11 in 2014, the government has carried out stress tests, the ability to predict and judge the order processing capacity.

it is understood that every time Tmall 11 on the eve of the service providers will undergo stress testing. In order to grasp the order processing system sellers use during the double eleven order peak condition better, early detection of performance bottlenecks, to add a bit of suspense color wars triggered at any moment.

in accordance with the Convention, in pressure measurement service providers mainly ERP based software system, test process, simulation execution orders the entire process, including download conversion, single link, single delivery group will review the second according to the actual situation, review from a multi dimension integrated order processing capacity, service level, system configuration consumption scalability and testing technology ability etc..

feedback from a ERP service providers, the current pressure test is also not seen in previous years, there is too much change, as the growth rate of double 11 orders, it is difficult to predict.

it is worth noting that, Taobao open platform plans to suspend the invoicing and ERP software audit access from September 10th, the suspension will continue until December 31st. Although still unable to determine the suspension of access is directly connected with the 11 double pressure test, but from the service provider that ERP used in dual tone, 11 responsibilities, out of some poor software services is imperative.

access Taobao too many applications, homogenization serious, affecting the profitability of service providers, therefore, Taobao is necessary to properly control the rhythm." According to the business revealed that the CRM application interface has also been suspended for a long time.

, another noteworthy phenomenon is that Taobao has been around 11 double seller service market promotions, in addition to the order processing system, some flow conversion tools, promotion tools and CRM products have become a hot commodity, sell or Flash sale.

It is reported that in 2014 Tmall

, double the 11 investment work has already started, Tmall from Alipay turnover, shop types, shop, customer price, DSR three, comprehensive index, customer service service businesses main category dimensions for the comprehensive consideration of the access threshold for businesses to meet, to determine the final 11 finalists double the business activities of the list.

data show that in 2013 Tmall 11 to create a total transaction value of $35 billion 19 million, daily orders reached 167 million. 11 minutes less than a day to break the deal, half a year to refresh the record last year.

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