Forced to join the online marketing Chanel electric shock behind the deliberations

was forced to join the online marketing team, but is clearly not yet ready, be careful to test, step by step, is also good.

said the mouth does not worry, action is very agile. Chanel Chanel recently announced the fastest in September 2016 to enter the field of electronic commerce, but this week it announced in the luxury business Net-a-Porter, opened a three week online shop, selling fine jewelry series CoCo Crush. Three weeks later, this includes a series of 5 rings and the price of jewelry, the price of 1970-19000 euros, will be off the shelf and the sale of Chanel’s global physical boutique.

Although Chanel

senior director of Benjamin international jewelry Comar said publicly that the cooperation with the Net-a-Porter and the brand establishment of e-commerce business plan has said it was only trying to do a senior line of new products on the market, but it is undeniable that Chanel has begun to try the water market.

said, Chanel for the "net" is not too keen, they hope that consumers can go to shop to buy the products and services that the concept of "feeling, fashion needs of the people to see, to touch, to feel and understand". However, the irresistible trend of online sales, such as Chanel giants have had to make a positive attempt. In mid March, the implementation of the global price adjustment Chanel, China counter price while the European market prices, the global product price gap narrowed, but also pave the way to enter the line.

CoCo Crush store in the temporary online shop is after the price adjustment, Chanel Chanel test the first electricity supplier project. So careful layout, behind the fact that there are deep consideration. The reason why the choice of such a large Net-A-Porter online retailers in order to maintain a consistent brand positioning, but also to try to sell the feeling on the offline. In fact, the international luxury big net has tried in China, British luxury brand Burberry Tmall settled, but the effect is not ideal, more worthy of careful planning about Chanel.

net outside looking for manufacturers of multi brand electronic business platform of cooperation or self Internet sales store, but for luxury, the difficulty of self built platform more clearly. On the one hand into the flow is relatively large, big luxury have almost no Internet genes, everything from scratch; on the other hand, luxury companies single brand marketing is also difficult, largely because the product line is not too long, the electricity supplier platform operators only in a limited commodity. Toss about to do collocation for a long time, the customer will inevitably be fatigued. Considering, to find a platform for business cooperation playing around, try the market reaction is smarter.

at the same time, this plan is also a certain extent to improve the market influence of goods. Due to the introduction of the product is very limited, the industry is bound to be due to the sale of

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