How to improve the method of online store photos

1 increase the number of products to ensure consistent product style

I found that the more products, the more the more. Search 5 drill shop, often each buyer has hundreds of products, and some even reach thousands of pieces. The amount of browsing is often proportional to the number of products. However, some shops, although many things, but chaotic, but also sell socks, but also sell necklaces, people feel not single-minded, messy. Advice to everyone is that the same grade products, it is best to put together to sell. My plan for this year is to build a boutique – Irish crystal, an Irish crystal – discount store, there is a crystal stone shop – ireland. They are me, my good friend, my boyfriend.

the first store to sell special, rare and stylish natural gemstones. Price of more than 100 yuan.

second stores sell more favorable products, the price of a few dollars to tens of dollars.

third stores sell some stone, or a crystal ball, put in the home as a decoration.

so careful classification, I believe it will make people feel very neat, very professional, of course, like to stay longer. And will be impressed.

2 to improve picture quality

good pictures tend to be more attractive!!! Just started to Taobao, the picture is really bad. But I continue to practice, continuous learning, and now there are still some progress, it is recommended to go to those who own their own products and the same shop to learn, to see how veteran is taking pictures, layout, background, etc.. The most important thing is to be able to learn the relevant topics in the forum oh. Study and practice, will be greatly improved.

3 shows more products in the product description template

we are free to see my product description template. Open a baby link, in addition to the 6 shops in the following recommended by the baby, in the description of the board on the left, and the other 8 stores, 9 product images, and can also see the baby close-up, and my pictures are 500*500, very clear, very neat. That is to say, the advantage is that to open a product, you can see more than 15 other products, so that the attraction is definitely more than just a product to see it!

4 note product release time

usually in the afternoon 3 to 5 or at night to the point of 8 to more than 10 people shopping Oh (according to statistics)

if I have 70 products, I release in 7. Monday to Sunday, every day 3, released in 10, so, in a week after the 3 day or so, there will be quickly off the shelf products, the customer will browse products, look at other shops! A week many guests are good! Of course, if there are 140 pieces of products well, in addition to the 10 pieces of 3 released every day, night time also issued 10, 2 time periods can be fully utilized, so that the product will.

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