The book Hui who trader 2012 Taobao search rules ()


is very long, not ready, please don’t start reading, and reading Yimushixing, misunderstand the book hui.

in February 2011, I wrote a Book: "Hui do not know one" ranking optimization will be overwhelming, reproduced on the internet.

after a lapse of 1 years, Taobao officially announced: last 2011, Taobao search traffic than in 2010 increased by 50%, while the only flat flow category. In other words, the use of Taobao search more and more buyers, the need for Taobao search sellers are more and more.

see the above data, how do you feel sharp


if you miss 8 years ago the site SEO industry, so you will continue to miss this golden opportunity for Taobao SEO,


today on the systematic in-depth analysis, Taobao search in the past, present and future!

Taobao search rankings, generally refers to the search results for the baby Taobao sort. There are two kinds of default search results: all baby and popularity. (the abstract from Taobao Shuhui department based tutorial section seventh part)

relative to the popularity of the baby sort, all baby sorting algorithm design, to ensure the fairness of the business to the maximum extent. Therefore, all the baby ranking rules, basically can also be transparent to the user.

first we look at all the baby algorithm design needs to consider several issues:

first, Taobao search related issues

at the beginning of Taobao search results are mainly in accordance with the remaining time order, which led to a lot of time, the search results do not meet the buyer’s search intent. Since the search results are not buyers want, it is not traded, but also contrary to customer experience.

in order to let the search results show the baby, in line with the buyer search intent, so the introduction of the relevance of the design. This includes the Category attribute, confidence, text relevance (title, attribute, SKU etc.). On the relevance of the detailed solution, please refer to the book Hui: Taobao search relevance analysis (video)

two, Taobao rules need to maximize the protection of fairness

no matter how much insider Taobao, all baby ranking rules oriented, is worthy of recognition!

mentioned here fair, referring to buyers, sellers, Taobao three party to maximize the overall interests.

then we come to analyze, from a technical level, how to maximize the interests of the three party.

1, buyer interest:

fastest find the most wanted baby. So what are the characteristics of the baby buyers want to have


Book Hui record, good evaluation (dynamic score + from the baby, baby) store as a "three goods store" (store weight). To meet these conditions

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