Who will oversee the hidden behind the gray industrial chain Taobao mall

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‘Miss recently encountered some troubles, he worked hard with a few years of YY, suddenly one day become the owner, because at the time of application and early is for friends, no secret, can not be directly recovered, but after several inquiries, to find a new owner to buy and store address. The other is given a Taobao store website! (address: http://s.2012waiwai.taobao.com/


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According to the

feedback network address’ Miss, small knife in the investigation, from the survey found that the shop in a large number of Taobao sold 5, 6 YY accounts, and some short ID, preliminary statistics only 6 YY number is more than 700, while the turnover of single evaluation records is close to four hundred people can not help but ponder!, where is the source of these numbers? Why would be useful for many years the account was free to use other people, and change the security situation? Where is the source of these problems? In the Taobao open selling the legality of ID



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faced a series of questions, we contacted an anonymous information security expert

experts said that the general game account information leakage, generally can be divided into user leaks and manufacturers leak two aspects, one is the user account information leakage due to improper operation by fishing, and even horse caused by social workers; on the other hand also because of lack of a full day of large quantities of information mechanism manufacturers, which is Tuoku the leakage.

at the same time, insiders pointed out that in general in this letter wash the behavior of sellers, are not the number of the owner, so even if you buy these numbers, changed the password is also very easy to find the true master, the majority of users do not want a cheap way and deceived, hope YY will investigate and deal with the matter in order to avoid infringement of the interests of users, continue to be

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