Prodigal free overseas travel overseas business invited hand chop party to see the world


Needham love online shopping dubbed the "black sheep", but if you use failure at a certain state will have unexpected harvest. In July 19th, the five largest overseas electricity supplier jointly issued recruitment stickers, China invited senior hand chop party free to play Australia, new zealand.

"black sheep" also need a spirit of




artisan spirit, a lot of things as long as you do a fine craftsman spirit can make the color, like everyone in the daily life of online shopping……" The event organizers said that although online shopping is very common and even became an essential part of modern life, almost everyone is cut the hand of the party, but not necessarily "senior hand chop party


activities of the "senior hand chop party, need to have these conditions: pay attention to the quality of life, advocating natural, organic and healthy life, and are willing to consumption; some English foundation, are by the sea Amoy to a reasonable price to buy high-quality foreign sources of goods; a better understanding of maternal and child health care products, a for other categories, good purchase decision, love to share their lives such as drying material.

but the organizers also said: "you will have a passport within two years, no record, no immigration Australia refused the bad record, or want to see the world with you can not see ah."

"free to see the world" has its own luxury business!


lead free "senior hand chop party for overseas travel from Australia and New Zealand local electricity supplier. "In February 2015 we established Chinese station, opened China direct mail service, this year so we really feel the China consumer products enthusiasm for australia." One of the participants in the event Pharmacy Online CEO Gary said. Pharmacy Online is Australia’s first online pharmacy, since the beginning of 1958, began operating prescription drugs and pharmaceutical companies, the establishment of online pharmacies in 1998, the company has customers in more than and 40 countries around the world.

In addition to

, there are two Australian electricity supplier and two New Zealand electricity supplier. Australia’s biggest pharmacy chain Amcal, the global largest single pharmacy Pharmacy4Less, as well as New Zealand’s largest discount pharmacy Pharmacy Direct and New Zealand special mall Kiwi Discovery, and Pharmacy Online have similar China market experience. Under the trend of economic globalization, part of the foreign language ability of the China consumer shopping sights on overseas, which has become the primitive accumulation of these overseas customers Chinese electricity supplier first, but also let them see the huge market prospects Chinese, and established Chinese station.

The birth of

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