Micro business is less and less This is only the transformation, into the true micro business is the

these days, listening to a friend said, feeling the micro business information becomes less, before is overwhelming, and now almost can not see. Royal Anber is that this is a good starting point for micro business on track. Now, once all the chaos, all rectification, transformation, and elimination, can stay down to the derivative of future achievement.

micro environment is facing the brand: small failures, agents run away

after bubble Gao Fanhua, micro business is facing bankruptcy, small brand agents run away chaos depletion, Guangdong trade to a city, gathered a large and small agents, from beauty to health care products, everything. Just say you can buy the mask industry, dope, choose the mask of paper and packaging, or a complete set of product solutions, even from the product trademark and approval, you can be done here, the whole series of services called "perfect"


characteristics of low threshold, high profit created derivative torrent crazy, and micro business fraud is the derivative in a mess, with micro business competitive pressure becomes larger, the fake pressure increases the derivative agent system is facing collapse, illegal marketing will face is a fatal blow, small brands have also presented a collapse of the phenomenon.

micro business in the future: transformation, into the true era

micro business is more well-known brand thinking port, amber micro business than the famous brand Royal Anber, can survive, and do well for only one: in the heart to do the real product.

2015, micro business experienced rapid growth of the bubble era of prosperity, suffered a batch "false" and not real brand collapse, turning is a product carefully done, is the standardization of the "true" micro business era.

what is the "true" era of micro business?


has been ruined by the chaos, the first is to establish a reputation and brand. Micro agents die small brands have already run away, all to the majority of users have left an impression: derivative doping many not reliable businesses, therefore, the first step is to establish the trust of the brand users, the transformation of the idea is very good, and can be user acceptance is the first threshold. In the credibility of the shaping process, whether it is the independent efforts of the brand, or with the third party platform, is the transformation of micro business, remodeling are inseparable from the two major forces.

followed, is an early micro business faces, but also micro business real era re consider the second threshold: flow problem. The development of agent, or frequently made circle of friends, there is to get more traffic, but often a lot of high efficient conversion of flow in a variety of "rude" brush presence lost, do business can do micro drainage using WeChat and other social software tools, but this is only a drainage the tool, does not make the brand truly tenable, in others sites do better, are not in power when not, therefore, the actual > second threshold

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