Jumei.com Lasafo February B2C activity ranking Jingdong Tmall mall


news March 20th, the only product show the latest release of "Chinese B2C activity ranking data show that in February 2013, domestic B2C platform were down posture, but such as cosmetics B2C lefeng.com, jumei.com and the like is easy to climb to the top of the rankings.

The activity of B2C

February top ten: jumei.com, lefeng.com, Jingdong, Tmall mall, dangdang.com, diamond bird, Amazon (China), vip.com, suning.com, shop No. 1.


only product show network pointed out that before the Le bee network because of cosmetic things seem to be black after. Jumei.com, Lasafo advertising products will appear in the same TV channel, and carousel, at the same time, micro-blog also launched a war of words, jumei.com group and Le bee network group also because has the art fan children began online ups and downs.


marketing campaign lasted nearly a month, the two sides are very good harvest: in the fierce inter enterprise "war" instantly disguised as beauty industry, exposure of the two companies and well-known for the cosmetics industry muckraking is greatly improved, the war between both teams devoted, ability in the face of challenges at the same time also greatly exercise, in addition to the wireless terminal marketing campaign also makes both companies experience ahead of emerging battlefield.

and beauty makeup class B2C produced a clear contrast, in February, other B2C have shown a bad situation. A slight drop in the integrated platform, supermarkets, clothing, food, wine, electrical appliances have decreased significantly.

from the list of data shows, before the Spring Festival, wine festival online shopping has been basically meet the needs, January, tired of the platform growth dynamic is very large, but in February, the liquor liquor sales decline in market demand, B2C, peripheral attention decreased significantly. 3C electronic products as the main B2C also decreased significantly, Newegg, Kuba shopping seven days, new electric also decline phenomenon; clothing, Mcglaughlin, dream bazaar, VANCL are as good as last month, during the Spring Festival of FMCG mainly online supermarket, I bought a net 1 good shops because of logistics and time the distribution, multiple factors such as restrictions have not become the mainstream way of shopping.

In February 2013 B2C

public opinion monitoring according to the industry to show the only product issued by the Jingdong, Tmall, jumei.com, mall, Dangdang, suning.com, Lasafo nag, shop No. 1, Chinese Amazon, easy fast network, vip.com is good, micro-blog users reflect is also very good.

Concerned with the

in front of enterprise reference time comparison, dangdang.com, February lefeng.com, jumei.com, making shoes, brewmaster, diamond bird, wheat bags, brewmaster network, Kelan diamond, Amazon China, good music to buy a good performance. Before, such as Tmall and other large B2C sites affected by the results of the previous stage of the rankings.

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