Note that the registered domain name

                              not long ago from the hands of others to buy a foreign registered m (holding his love m the gaoxingjin ah…….). The station built, analytical everything is set, tomorrow can access the corn (note the corn registrar modify the DNS to 24 hours).

                          finally get through the day, a try, oh problem, XXX.COM can access the same explanation, WWW.XXX.COM is not, ah, can not explain the success is good. Had to wait another day, the results of half a month, the way also modified several, WWW simply did not successfully connect one of my

                        I’m afraid you don’t get to see, use GG to translate, maybe I’m too dishes, turn to turn to have that kind of, I change the best method (put it forward the results suggest that under the acid), pay $0.49 a year fee, ha ha, in the country has not yet seen there. But I don’t know whether foreign registration are making money

                        sad, this caution under friends stand in to buy rice before all matters should be clear ah. Then buy a rice to sell trouble (of course, can add price to buy who don’t mind)

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